Latest Online Admission Form

The University Grants Commission’s (UGC) directive issued for conducting online admissions from this year onward is considered as a revolutionary step. This makes it mandatory for all universities across India to conduct online admissions.

With the internet and Smartphone becoming so prevalent, it’s liable for admissions being conducted online as well. Like any feature, the latest online admission form has its advantages and disadvantages.

Though the intention is to make the process easy for both students and families, along the way, reducing work load on the staff. Still, here is a glance on some advantages and disadvantages.

 Online Admission Form Advantage

Convenient: Perhaps the best part of the latest online admission form is the freedom applicants have of filling at their convenience.

Logistical: No applicant will face run-out of admission form issue, no need to carry different color pens, no need to deal with illegible printed forms and no tension of form received or not.

Advantage for University: The educational institutions and universities also benefit from the latest online admission form directive, as now they get a quick student record access, ease in filtering the applicants and easy sorting of forms.

Accurate and Efficient: All students are well aware of the chaotic atmosphere at an office during admissions. The staff is high on fatigue and workload is full pressure that results in errors as well. With online admissions, all this is eliminated.

No Geographical Boundary: The latest online admission form initiative has demolished all geographical boundaries as well. Noe applicant’s from not just across India, but across the world cam submits their admission forms.

Online Admission Disadvantage

Internet Access: Though in India, almost every student has access to the internet, still connection and speed are high level issues it deals with. Rural areas also have to deal with electricity cuts.

Low Computer-Literate Rate: Unfortunately, India has about 6.5 percent computer literate applicants. This will be a back-fall for those students who lack computer literacy.

Security: Over the past few years, a lot of online breaching has taken place. With the directive of the the latest online admission form, security issue is major concern.

Authentic Applicant: With online submission, an applicant’s authenticity is also a question. With office admissions, original documents are requested for verification, while online can give way for fake admissions as well.

Therefore, after considering all these possibilities, we have created this website so we can provide you with authentic and updated information on the admission forms available on our website.