Latest Cutoff / Merit List of Exams

What is a Cutoff/Merit List? Nowadays schools and colleges releasing the cut-off marks, better known as the merit list. The merit list is the bugles for admission have begun. Matter of fact, this also implies, the educational institutions have already begun to comply their supplementary admission list so they can be ready before the given deadline by the Ministry of Education. Over time a lot of questions have surfaced regarding merit lists and cut-offs, so we decided to put some light on it. What is a Cutoff/Merit List ? Now it’s obvious when you have to give a competitive examination, you’re not alone. Hundreds-thousands children participate with you. The aim of these exams is to get a place in your desired college. The Need of Cutoff/Merit List Since thousands of students take the exam, it’s not possible to tell each student individually on what scores a particular college expects. This is the reason the exam department releases a merit list which clarifies the scores required by a particular college. Here is an example: Score Required College Name 100-90 XUZ 85-91 ACG 80-85 XXX what is CUT-OFF? Cut off marks are the minimum percentage that you require passing and qualify. Any student who has given a competitive exam can determine his/her result by viewing the cut-off list and know if you are going to enter the next round. Difference between Provisional Merit List and First/Second/Third Merit list of colleges? The provisional merit list is the final decision of students who made it. In case, for any reason, a student leaves the college, then the college picks students from the first merit list to join the provisional merit list. Likewise, if in the first merit list, students are less for the same reason as provisional merit list, then the second and then the third list is considered. Now let’s assume our said college has kept 90% as its cut-off and has the requirement for 500 students. Now obviously the first list of students will be 90% or above so they’ll be selected first. If seats are still available, then students from the second and third list will be added. Where to Find Merit Lists? Merit lists or cut-off lists are available in all leading websites. The merit lists or cut-off lists are published in this website, students usually lookup in the different websites for the lists. And, now with the internet in reach of everyone, thanks to the android devices, you can see them online as well. You should stay with us to find latest merit list of your desired examination and you will get your merit list in front of you at this website. So, Go through the various pages on this website to avail the same as per your necessity.