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In this section of our website we present current news of everything which is happening in India and across the world. News is import part of our daily life. It keeps us update about latest events happening around us and worldwide. There are various kind of news which are preferred by people to read some of the various category of news are political news , Sports news, Economics news , Science and technology news, Local News , International news etc . here in ExamsU. in we have tried to cover all about the said category of news which are very important for any student or aspirants those who are preparing for any kind Examination, Competition Or any Government or private jobs we all know very well that in any Competitive exam there are lots of question which is from recent happening around the world and to reply such question one need to be update with latest happening around the nation and international and to acquire knowledge of latest happening around world one need to read Current news and affairs . For example recently in few competitive exams we have seen question for form current politics, Sports, Science & Technologies. This kind of question belongs to news category there are many news agencies providing new to public through different medium like paper, magazine, TV Channels, Website portals which are good but not very much focus for any kind of exam preparation. Here we have tried to focus on such news which helps students & aspirant of different types of exams to achieve their goal by scoring well in their exam. All the current news and other valuable information collected in this website and from very reliable sources and prepared by our experts teacher who are very experience in such work. These news information are very important and useful for those Aspirants who want to fulfill their dream by getting a good job through competition. Many of students are following us and have got success. If you want to be part of this success journey then please do follow us and regularly read our new section which will defiantly help you to improve your wisdom and positive thinking towards you exam preparation.