Gram Panchayat Raj day Gk Question and Answer (317 Views)

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Gram Panchayat Raj day in india  Gk Question & Answer for all exams 

  1. Q-Which of  following committee had recommended for Panchayati Raj System in India? भारत में पंचायती राज व्यवस्था के लिए निम्नलिखित में से किस समिति की सिफारिश की गई थी?

(a) Punchhi Samiti
(b) Balwantrai Mehta Committee
(c) Singhvi Committee
(d) None of the following

  1. Q-How many tiers are there in the Panchayati Raj system of India? भारत के पंचायती राज व्यवस्था में कितने स्तर हैं?

(a) One tier
(b) Two tier
(c) Three tier
(d) Four tier

  1. Q-Which of the following system is established on basis of direct elections ? प्रत्यक्ष चुनाव के आधार पर निम्न में से कौन सी प्रणाली स्थापित है?

(a) Gram Panchayat
(b) Block Committee
(c) Zila Parishad
(d) Both b and c

  1. Q-Which of following statements is incorrect? निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा कथन सही नहीं है?

(a) Panchayati Raj was established in India by Jawahar Lal Nehru
(b) Madhya Pradesh was the first state which implemented the The Panchayati Raj system in India
(c) 73rd Constitutional amendment was implemented in 1992
(d) Tamil Nadu has adopted bicameral method

  1. Q-Which of the given below Article is related to Panchayati Raj? निम्नलिखित में से कौन सा अनुच्छेद पंचायती राज से संबंधित है?

(a) Article 243
(b) Article 324
(c) Article 124
(d) Article 73

  1. Q-What was the purpose behind bringing Panchayati Raj system in India? भारत में पंचायती राज व्यवस्था लाने के पीछे मुख्य उद्देश्य क्या था?

(a) To Prevent criminalization of politics
(b) Development of villages
(c) Decentralisation of the political power to the general peoples
(d) To reduce election expenses

  1. Q-Which schedule was added to constitution by the 73rd Constitutional Amendment? 73 वें संवैधानिक संशोधन द्वारा संविधान में कौन सी अनुसूची जोड़ी गई?

(a) 6th
(b) 7th
(c) 9th
(d) 11th

  1. Q-Which of the following statement is not correct regarding “Gram Sabha”?”ग्राम सभाके संबंध में कौन सा कथन सही नहीं है?

(a) It is a body consisting of persons registered in the electoral rolls of a village comprised within the area of the Panchayat level.
(b) It is a village assembly consisting of all the registered voters in the area of the Panchayat.
(c) Its powers have been determined by the Central Government
(d) Its powers and functions at village level are like state legislature at the state level.

  1. Q-Which of following  statement is true about Panchayati Raj? पंचायती राज के बारे में कौन सा कथन सही है?

(a) The panchayat samiti and zila parishad should be constituted with directly elected members
(b) Minimum age should be 18 years to contest elction at the panchayat level
(c) Election of the Panchayati Raj institutions is conducted under the guidance of the State Election Commission.
(d) For the financial review of Panchayats, the state Finance Commission is established after 6 years

  1. Q-How many posts are reserved for women at all levels in Panchayati raj system. पंचायती राज व्यवस्था में सभी स्तरों पर महिलाओं के लिए कितने पद आरक्षित हैं।

(a) 1/3
(b) 1/2
(c) 2/3
(d) 1/4

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